Cooking is our passion

It started as a dare...

then it became a passion

This website started out as as challenge between friends. Our common friend, Amy, is notoriously finicky and fickle. She’d get all excited about Thai spring rolls or Vietnamese-style curry or some newfangled pasta from an obscure town in Italy. By the time the rest of us get excited enough to try out her new culinary discovery, she had moved on to something even more exotic.

and we thought it won't prosper

Well, instead...

Instead, Amy inspired us to find great-tasting recipes that appeal to American palates. No mud-baked ducks here. Instead, you already know the tastes and textures of the recipes we feature-they just look very different. Also, we made sure to feature only recipes you can prepare comfortably from your American kitchen. That’s right-no need for specialized brick ovens or flame-fanned stone stoves!

and then fnally...
It was really tough trying to keep up with Amy because she would share all these amazing dishes (and matching high resolution photos!) on Facebook and Instagram. We just felt so left behind. It’s as if we’re out of the culinary loop.

Worse yet, many of us were actually dead inside-when it comes to food. We were stuck in some sort of food routine. You probably can relate. On Monday, many of us would treat ourselves to Mac and Cheese dinners followed up by takeout Chinese on Tuesday. Hump day (Wednesday) brings the ‘exotic’ treat of KFC buckets followed up Thursday’s obligatory Pad Thai. Rounding out the week, we’d go old school with burgers and fries.

Amy inspired her many friends to re-awaken their taste buds by trying out food from every nook and cranny of the planet. Before you start thinking of ours experiment as some sort of Anthony Bourdainish (we wish!) culinary adventure, keep in mind that we aren’t looking for shock value. No quasi-disgusting ingredients. No need to cook your meals smack dab in the middle of ultra-exotic locales. No need for fancy and expensive kitchen appliances either.

And we actually did it...

We compiled all of our delicious recipes

Finally, we went out of our way to simplify many of the recipes we feature on this site so you can save time.

Listen, as awesome as it may seem to enjoy ‘truly authentic’ exotic food, few people would want to spend hours in the kitchen to enjoy such food.

We streamlined a lot of the preparation for the recipes we feature-without sacrificing any of the tastebud-reviving tastes and textures of the original recipes.

Our Mission?

Make food fun again!

Our recipes, curated, vetted, and focus-grouped, gives you great ideas that will help you reawaken your culinary sense of adventure and possibility! is dedicated to helping diners and foodies from all over the world rediscover classic tastes wrapped in exotic packaging. Bon Appetit!

You don’t need to stick to your predictable routine of Mac and Cheese Mondays (or your own version of it). You really don’t. Why? Eating is supposed to be a celebration of life itself. Not only are you fueling up, but you’re tasting what your life has to offer. It should be fun. It should be engaging. At the very least, it shouldn’t taste and feel like you’re just going through the motions.