Piermont Grand, EC- A Waterfront Property To Transform Your Lifestyle

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March 13, 2019
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July 13, 2019

Do you love eco-green area as the best place for your accommodation? Nowadays, most of the real estate investors look for the calm, peaceful surroundings of the property. The best option to them is to buy one of the waterfront accommodations. When you are in Singapore, you may be lucky to find one of the best waterfront properties, Piermont Grand, EC. Located near Punggol Waterway Park, Piermont Grand presents you with the lovely surroundings. You will also get a locale, filled with lots of amusements and fun. Thus, buy this EC and be proud of your investment.

Fresh cool air at the waterfront site

As one of the waterfront properties, Piermont Grand lets you get comfort from the cool breeze. On the hot summer days, you will have the best feel while staying at this EC. The natural cool air is the best alternative to your AC on the sundrenched summer days. You can save money on your utility. Thus, lots of facilities come to you after investing once for this Piermont Grand. To feel refreshed throughout a year, you may choose Piermont Grand, constructed by CDL. The wind, bouncing off the nearby water body, make the weather favorable.

You will always be in the holiday spirit all the time. Find the sense of warmth and optimism in the air. Although you are one of the newcomers to Piermont Grand EC, you can easily make yourself sociable. To retain the high energy and spirit, you can become one of the members of nearby Marina Country Club.

You can chill out and unwind yourself with the thrilling sea sport activities, arranged by this Country Club. From kids to adults, everyone will get something for merry-making. There are also culinary treasures in this Marina Country Club. Have your delicious seafood dinner on any day. The attractive menu and reasonable pricing will let you get the real zest of life. You may forget your hunger while sitting at the air-conditioned, sophisticated dining space, surrounding with the spectacular views. Banquet facility is also available, and you may use the spacious site of Marina Country Club to arrange a corporate event or any other social gathering.

Punggol Beach- This historic site is now easily reachable

Buy one of the blocks of Piermont Grand EC to become a permanent resident in Singapore. At any time, you can visit Punggol beach, located near the EC. It was previously a rusty zone. However, after renovations, this place has turned out to be the best destinations to get fun. When the hectic urban life is not pleasing, you may easily rush to this place for an escape. The beach site looks beautiful in the early morning and in the evening. You can have a view of the glorious scene of sunrise and sunset from the sea beach.

From Punggol Point Park, you may also reach Coney Island, another attraction in Singapore.

Thus, Piermont Grand EC will surely appeal to the nature lovers in Singapore.

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