Find And Locate Your Phone With The Help Of Google’s Application

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March 10, 2019
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May 6, 2019

Unlike past, nowadays, finding a lost mobile is considered as a piece of cake. One can, not only easily find his lost android mobile with the help of Google, but can erase the exclusive data and can lock the device. You can log on to for in-depth details. Google also helps a user to recognize the WI-FI, through which his device has been connected along with the battery level of the mobile handset. The main motive to design such a sophisticated application was to protect the interests of a user.

Initial steps to install the application or to gain web access

First of all, you need to install the application on your mobile handset from Google store. After the installation, you are also required to sign in to your Google account. You can select the option for Google sign in, right within the application. After signing into the application, you will be able to see the exact location of your mobile handset. You will be able to erase and lock the phone from a remote location. To use this application, it is very essential to have a positioning system in a proper working phase.

Furthermore, a person can easily locate your mobile over the website. In the initial stage, you are supposed to open the website to locate an android mobile phone. In the next step, you once again have to log into your Google account which will only take a few seconds. After this stage, your work is done and the website will filter out the results.

Wide range of facilities at your accord

The locking process of android mobile – Through a remote location, you can easily set a new password for your mobile phone and secure its data. After entering the website, you are supposed to tap on the lock option button and then you have to put your mobile number along with the new password. This facility helps you to get protection against spammers.

Steps to erase the memory of your lost phone – Erasing the phone’s memory is the last option but it is very genuine as it helps you to save yourself from extortion and from the theft of exclusive data. This option will not only help you to erase data from your mobile device but it will also help you to delete the data from the storage card. Mobile data erasing application also works on a mobile phone which is switched off. The service will get started as soon as the mobile goes online.

How to place your mobile back on the ring?

If you have misplaced your mobile phone at your place, even then you will be able to place it back on the ring command with the help of this application. Just tap on the play sound button, this process will help you to hear the sound of the mobile phone on a full volume for about the next five minutes. The mobile will ring at high volume, even if by chance you have put it on the silent mode before it was misplaced.

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