Ways To Locate A Mobile With Geo-Location Technology

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March 7, 2019
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With time, the technology of GPS location has also evolved. Today, it is more accurate than ever and GPS devices are mounted in almost every portable thing. The mobile phone is one of the most commonly used devices in which you can use GPS technology to know the location of smartphones. This technology helps a lot of people from losing their mobile phone and also finding a lost one.

Here are major GPS technologies which are used to drag the location of a mobile phone:

Network – The process of locating a mobile phone through its network is done by using the phone number. The network of that number helps in knowing the location. There are many online service providers which use this technology to track the location of mobile phones. Websites like geolocaliserunportable.fr can track any phone with the help of its number. If you ever lose your phone then you can log on to the website and just by entering the phone number you can get the location of your lost device.

Subscribers Identity Module (SIM) – Many people confuse this process of locating the mobile phone with network technology. In this, you will need the number of SIM which you can find in the box of your mobile phone. This is International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI which is given to you by your GSM network card. You can also find the same number at the back of your SIM card or in the ‘About’ section of your mobile phone’s Settings. But, if you have lost your phone, you can get on the mobile phone box to know the number. You can download a trusted software from the internet and use it from your laptop or computer to find your or anyone else’s phone with their IMEI number.

Handset Software – Almost every smartphone software company gives a tracking application feature which is in-built in the phone. Smartphone software like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. have their own tracking software and those are integrated with Google Maps. These tracking applications are built-in the smartphones. If you want to use this then you just have to log in from your account after switching the application from your Settings panel. Then you have to add the devices which you use, it can include your other mobile phones, tablet, laptop, smartwatch and if you have any other portable device which has GPS in it.

When you are all done with setting up your account then change the default settings of the application according to your preferences. Now, you can locate any of your connected devices from anywhere, either from the mobile application itself or by logging into your account on a web browser from any device.

Hybrid Technology – As the name suggests, this technology is a hybrid, i.e. has Network and Handset software. A very good example of this is Google Maps which you use to track your own real-time location with your own mobile phone and its network. This GPS tracking system id is called Hybrid in which there is a cellular network and smart phone’s software. Today, hybrid is the most commonly used technology and very popular among people.

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