How To Set-Up ‘Find My Device’ On Windows?

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December 19, 2018
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Your phone or laptop being stolen or lost is such a common issue these days that you can find many proactive methods to prevent you from losses. There are many genuine websites where you can get features like GPS tracking, Live Monitoring and Remote Access to your devices.

Apart from these websites to Handy Orten, there is an alternative feature which you already have in your devices, i.e. Google’s Find My Device. Most of the people are unaware of this feature in their windows devices and forget to turn it on. This feature enables the location tracking of your portable device and you can only get the location details if you will login from your registered Google account. It helps to prevent any great loss of your data beforehand and you won’t have to worry about any of your devices to get lost like mobile phone, tablet or even your laptop.

Follow these simple steps to turn on ‘Find My Device’:

  • You have a System and Security feature in every windows device. In mobile phones, you can find it in Settings panel while in tablets or laptops you will get this in Control Panel. Make sure your device is connected to your Google account.
  • As the framework is a little bit different in devices with application and software, there are separate processes for both.

In mobile phones – When you will open the Security panel, you will have to click on the Device Administrators from the given menu. Then you will get the Find My Device setting which you have to turn on. After turning it on, you have to make some changes in its setting for proper working. Turn on the high accuracy mode and then get inside the Location History. Here you can add and manage all your devices. The last step is to either download the application of Google’s Find My Device or you can also use it from the browser by just logging in to your Google account.

In laptop –Although the title of the functions may differ in different versions of windows in your laptop all you have to do is enter the security panel to switch on Find My Device feature. When you will turn it on then you have to turn on the Device’s Location which you will get under the settings of Find My Device panel. And, you are all done with it. Now, you can browse the page of Google’s Find My Device and log in with your account to save your suitable settings and add as many devices you want.

  • After saving your settings and devices, you can use it from anywhere around the world. It is recommended to turn on this feature on every device you have so that in case you lose any of your devices then you can simply check the location from another device you have with you.
  • In case you don’t have any device, then you just need an accessible computer or mobile to login into your account. In case of emergency borrow it from someone and log in from its webpage. Thus, you will get your device’s location.

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