PS4 HDD Upgrade Guide: How to Pick Out the Best Hard Drive for PS4

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December 19, 2018
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How you choose the best hard drive for PS4 largely depends on your needs and requirements. Do you need an abundance of space? Are you looking for the best internal drive that fits your PS4, if your answer is positive, you have to check your pocket and create a convenient budget for the accessory? You might not be a passionate gamer and just want to get a cheap accessory. In such case, purchasing cheap hard drives often have its own shortcomings such as not having enough memory capacity or slow processing rate. This ps4 hard drive guide tells you the features to consider when it comes to determining the best PS4 hard drive upgrade:

Memory space: The main reason to opt for a hard drive is due to space, so the larger the memory space, the better. For the casual gamer, I suggest that you opt for a 500GB SSD drive which should suit your needs perfectly because most games have a size ranging from 25-50GB. If not, then you should opt for the device with 1TB plus memory space.

Speed: Another important factor is the speed of your hard drive because it will determine the loading rate of your games. However, if you prefer to wait longer for games to load then I suggest that you should opt for a slower hard drive.

Price: How much do you budget for the accessory? In this case, I advise that you pay to expend a lot of cash on a few new games instead of paying for the best internal hard drive.

How to easily upgrade your PS4 hard drive

Are you a regular gamer who simply wants to boost the capacity of their PS4 HDD but don’t know the way out? Then the Oyen Digital 1TB Upgrade Accessory for Sony PS4 might be ideal for you. Although it is incredibly easy to install, however, if you have little or no experience, this can be quite challenging for you so using YouTube to learn isn’t such a bad idea.

A TB HDD or the 2.0 TB Solid State Hard Drive? Well if you are not ready to expend lots of money on the accessory and are looking for a hard drive with little space capacity then 1TB should effectively suit your needs. However, always keep in mind that the HHD drives have a slow processing rate than the SSHD in most cases. You have to consider the RPM in this case. The 1.0 TB HDD features 7200 RPM compared to the conventional drive in the PS4 5400 RPM. This will surely enhance the speed and performance of your PS4, in addition to supplementing the space.

However, if you want extra space and a high-speed accessory, then I strongly recommend the 2.0 TB SSHD option. This is because the flash-accelerated SSHD technology boosts the loading rates quickly compared to the HHDs. Also, the complete package of the Oyen Digital 2TB SSHD comes with an 8GB flash drive, cable, 2.5 inches hard drive enclosure, screwdriver, and a 3-year warranty. In conclusion, I advise that newbies should get the package as it offers lots of benefits. The exciting thing about this accessory is that the hard drive is very easy to install.

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